1 oz American Gold Buffalo Coin (2019)


Weight : 1 oz
Diameter : 32.7 mm
Thickness : 2.95 mm
Purity : .9999
Face Value : $50.00 USD
Mint : US Mint
Collection : American Buffalo
Sellback Price : $1,461.60 USD

2019 American Gold Buffalo Coins are the only bullion coins struck by the United States Mint that contain 1 troy ounce of 24K gold (.9999 purity). Investors choose Gold Buffalo coins because they are immediately recognized around the world as uniquely American and valuable.

American Gold Buffalo coins are IRA-eligible and guaranteed by the U.S. government. They are legal tender with a face value of $50 just like the American Gold Eagle. But unlike the Gold Eagle that is 22K and minted to be stronger to withstand circulation, the Gold Buffalo was introduced in 2006 to meet rising demand for pure 24K investment coins.

The design of the American Gold Buffalo Coin is based on the iconic 5-cent coin the “Buffalo Nickel” (also known as “Indian Head” nickel) created by noted American sculptor James Earle Fraser in 1913. Fraser, a student of legendary sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens the designer of $10 and $20 eagle and double eagle coins, gained international recognition for producing works that captured the native beauty of the American West. None is more recognized than the “Buffalo Nickel” brought to life today in the 2019 American Gold Buffalo Coin.

The front of the Gold Buffalo coin, features the profile of a Native American Chief, 2019 year-date, and an “F” for Fraser. The profile is based on a composite of three different chiefs: Chief Iron Tail of the Lakota Sioux, Chief Two Moons of the Cheyenne, and Chief Big Tree of the Seneca Nation.

The back of the coin features a majestic American Bison along with purity, weight, and official U.S. government markings. Contrary to popular belief, this is actually a specific bison who inhabited the New York Central Park Zoo in the 1910s. His name was Black Diamond, and Fraser reportedly needed an assistant to keep the bison distracted in order to get the perfect angle for the illustration.

The rich history of the Gold Buffalo Coin makes it a perfect complement to the discerning investor’s gold position.



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